Top Destinations for Solo Female Travelers

woman-travelFor some reason there’s still a great stigma surrounding traveling solo, especially for women. Despite all of the advancements of feminism, many women admit to feeling the “need” to always travel with others. It doesn’t really help that our social media-crazed culture reinforces the need to always be connected and in contact with friends, family, and even strangers. That’s really a shame, because traveling solo can be one of the most rewarding, liberating, and life-changing experiences of woman’s life. Just think about it, people that travel solo have complete control over their travel itinerary. You can wake up whenever you want, see what you want to see, and do whatever you feel like doing…when you feel like doing it! On this list, we’ll go through some of the greatest and safest travel destinations around the world for solo female travelers. Any one of these locations offers an abundance of opportunities for a truly memorable and enjoyable travel experience for solo female travelers.

Kyoto, Japan

Perhaps there’s no safer nation on earth than Japan. And, arguably, there’s no more beautiful city in Japan than the former capital of Kyoto. Located about a 3-hour car ride south of Tokyo, Kyoto has been stunning visitors with its numerous well-preserved temples and gorgeous Zen gardens. Kyoto has an astonishing 17 UNESCO-recognized historical sites to explore, including the Shimogamo Shrine, Nijō Castle, and Daigo-ji. The most famous tourist draws in Kyoto are the Imperial Palace and the Sentō Imperial Palace in the center of the city, both of which offer guided tours. After you’re done touring the gorgeous palaces of ancient Japan, you can enjoy a luxurious meal at one of the numerous award-winning Japanese restaurants throughout this city. Kyoto is virtually crime-free, clean, and safe for any woman interested in visiting the Land of the Rising Sun.

Copenhagen, Denmark

If you’ve never traveled to Europe before, one of the best cities to travel to first is this capital city of Denmark. Although it might not be as well known as Paris or Rome, Copenhagen is far more compact, easier to navigate, and safer than larger boats travelEuropean cities. The Danish are known around the world for their kindness and generosity, and many of them speak a fair amount of English. While Copenhagen is the largest city in Denmark, it feels very intimate and quaint. Be sure to take a boat ride down Copenhagen’s canal at least once while you’re here. Sure, it’s very touristy, but, well, you are a tourist after all! Whether you’re into shopping, nightlife, classical music, or history, you’re certain to find something to strike your fancy in this glorious European capital.

Havana, Cuba

With the recent relaxation of relations between the USA and Cuba, the Latin American nation is hoping to boost it’s tourism industry. Of course, most of Cuba’s attention is on trying to make the capital city of Havana a welcoming world-class travel destination for global travelers. As you walk through Havana, you’ll feel as if you stepped back in time watching all the 1950s vehicles cruising around these ancient streets. Since Havana relies so heavily on tourism, there are dedicated police officers all around this city ensuring everyone has a safe and enjoyable vacation. No traveler should feel any insecurity walking around Havana by day or night. Of course, always exercise common sense, especially if you want to explore Havana’s happening nightlife. Some of the most impressive buildings to visit in Havana includethe National Capitol Building, the Havana Cathedral, and the Royal Force Castle. If you’re into Cuban cigars, cuisine, or music, you’ll be in heaven as you explore the fine capital of Havana.

Melbourne, Australia

The large southeastern city of Melbourne is considered by many to be the cultural capital of the “Land Down Under.” Filled with Victorian-era architecture, fine art galleries, theatres, and gardens, this is a perfect destination for anyone with a taste for the finer things in life. Melbourne has been voted one of the happiest cities in the world many years in a row and it has an amazing track record of supporting women’s rights. Some of the top tourist draws in the center of this megalopolis include the Shrine of Remembrance, the National Gallery of Victoria, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and the Old Melbourne Gaol. Melbourne is also extremely close to other Australian hot spots such as Grampians National Park and Phillip Island. Although Melbourne is large, you shouldn’t find any difficulty getting around since everyone here speaks English.

Key West, Florida

For solo travelers out there looking for an exotic location in the contiguous USA, why not travel down to Key West, Florida? In addition to all the festivals, parades, and parties which you’ve probably already associated with this area, there are numerous cultural draws worthy of exploration in Key West. In addition to the famous Ernest Hemivacation travel hat drink camera and sunglassesngway House, you can tour Harry S. Truman’s Little White House and the Key West Art and Historical Society Museum. After you understand a bit about the rich culture in this region, head on over to the beach and just relax. Key West invites so many satisfied tourists every year, so you have nothing to worry about traveling solo here. If you love watersports, fun in the sun, and/or nature, you are sure to enjoy a solo trip to Key West.


We’ve saved the best for last. The Southeast Asian city of Singapore is one of the wealthiest, cleanest, and safest cities on the face of the earth. Singapore offers some of the finest high-end shopping and fine cuisine options in the world, perfect for women into stereotypically feminine pleasures. Many women traveling solo to Singapore feel extremely safe even when exploring this city at nighttime in crowded areas. The largest shopping mall district is without a doubt on Orchard Road, but there are other great shopping areas on Marina Bay and in Bugis as well. After you’re done shopping and eating your way through this city, relax on one of the city’s three beaches on the southern islands. The only negative you should know about Singapore is that high fines are levied against anyone breaking minor offenses, such as eating on public transit, littering, and smoking in non-smoking areas. These rules and regulations keep Singapore clean, safe, and super tourist-friendly.

Before embarking on any trip – whether alone or with others, it is important to do your research. By doing research, you can learn places to avoid, safest transportation options, and the best places to visit. While you are doing your research, it would be advised that you check if the type of clothing you would want to bring on your trip would be appropriate – whether it be for cultural reasons or because of the weather.